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  1. binmode.txt

    =over =item binmode FILEHANDLE, LAYER X<binmode> X<binary> X<text> X<DOS> X<Windows> =item binmode FILEHANDLE Arranges for FILEHANDLE to be read or written in "binary" or "text" mode on systems whe...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 04:21
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  2. exists.txt

    =over =item exists EXPR X<exists> X<autovivification> Given an expression that specifies an element of a hash, returns true if the specified element in the hash has ever been initialized, even if t...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 04:54
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  3. pos.txt

    =over =item pos SCALAR X<pos> X<match, position> =item pos Returns the offset of where the last C<m//g> search left off for the variable in question (L<C<$_>|perlvar/$_> is used when the variable i...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 05:21
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  4. perlrepository.txt

    =encoding utf8 =head1 NAME perlrepository - Links to current information on the Perl source repository =head1 DESCRIPTION Perl's source code is stored in a Git repository. See L<perlhack> for an ex...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 03:12
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  5. log.txt

    =over =item log EXPR X<log> X<logarithm> X<e> X<ln> X<base> =item log Returns the natural logarithm (base I<e>) of EXPR. If EXPR is omitted, returns the log of L<C<$_>|perlvar/$_>. To get the log o...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 05:54
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  6. perltodo.txt

    =head1 NAME perltodo - Link to the Perl to-do list =head1 DESCRIPTION The Perl 5 to-do list is maintained in the git repository, and can be viewed at L<
    Registered: 2023-10-03 04:00
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  7. perlboot.txt

    =encoding utf8 =head1 NAME perlboot - Links to information on object-oriented programming in Perl =head1 DESCRIPTION For information on OO programming with Perl, please see L<perlootut> and L<perlo...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 03:40
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  8. eval.txt

    =over =item eval EXPR X<eval> X<try> X<catch> X<evaluate> X<parse> X<execute> X<error, handling> X<exception, handling> =item eval BLOCK =item eval C<eval> in all its forms is used to execute a lit...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 18:14
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  9. endservent.txt

    =over =item getpwnam NAME X<getpwnam> X<getgrnam> X<gethostbyname> X<getnetbyname> X<getprotobyname> X<getpwuid> X<getgrgid> X<getservbyname> X<gethostbyaddr> X<getnetbyaddr> X<getprotobynumber> X<...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 20:08
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  10. shmwrite.txt

    =over =item shmread ID,VAR,POS,SIZE X<shmread> X<shmwrite> =item shmwrite ID,STRING,POS,SIZE Reads or writes the System V shared memory segment ID starting at position POS for size SIZE by attachin...
    Registered: 2023-10-03 20:34
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